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11 Oct 2010 - 15 Oct 2010

Performing Arts Market in Seoul

The 2010 Performing Arts Market in Seoul (PAMS) takes place in Korea from Oct 11  to Oct 15. PAMS has been held annually since 2005, attracting 8,314 performing arts professionals from 71 countries. What makes PAMS different? -       A performing arts-centered market founded from an art management viewpoint Korea began factoring art management into its cultural policies in 2000. The performance field came to be seen as an industry, and the demand for related specialists began to grow. In step with such policy changes, performing arts came to be seen as a cyclical process stretching from the creation to enjoyment phases. Previously, it was mainly seen as a collection of completed works that creators shared with audiences. Producers, promoters, presenters, developers and other specialists in various fields now play a pivotal role in connecting artists to audiences throughout this creative cycle. PAMS was founded just at the time the Korean government began enacting legislation to support the growth of the performance industry. PAMS is an offshoot of the Korea Arts Management Service (KAMS), which is charged with implementing government policy changes. PAMS (Performing Arts Market in Seoul) is an international performing arts market, where members of the industry, including artists, arts groups, managers, theater programmers, festival artistic directors and performance planners, can gather together in one place, share artistic visions and exchange information on performance art trends. Established in 2005 with the support of the Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism to promote the development of international distribution channels for Korean performing arts, PAMS is held annually in October. PAMS provides opportunities for the promotion of overseas/domestic performing artists, related parties and organizations through showcases, booth-exhibitions and forums. It helps members of the industry establish human networks while providing information on performing arts. Registration for PAMS 2010 is open. PAMS 2010 includes a Nordic Focus session, with invited speakers from the Nordic region.