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05 Oct 2015 - 09 Oct 2015

PAMS Performing Arts Market in Seoul

PAMS2015 Registration is open for the 2015 PAMS Performing Arts Market in Seoul, taking place 5-9 October.  Offering a 'window to contemporary performing arts in Asia', in 2015 the PAMS Country of Honour spot goes to three ASEAN countries: Singapore, Cambodia and Viet Nam. PAMS is organised by Korea Arts Management, in collaboration with various partners in Korea. It offers an extensive programme, covering all aspects of the performing arts (contemporary theatre, dance, music, traditional performance). The event includes a booth exhibition (booth registration closed as they have all sold out!), showcases of Korean and international works, symposium and networking events and information sessions. PAMS is an important meeting point for performing arts professionals, from Asia and elsewhere, to see work, book performances and develop collaborations. In 2014, PAMS attracted more than 2,156 delegates (1,802 domestic delegates and 354 overseas delegates). Registration is open, the programme of performances and showcases is online - time to book your trip to Seoul!