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01 Aug 2019

MOOC - Create in Public Space

A 4-week MOOC opens on 9 September 'Create in Public Space', the first online course dedicated to this subject. Registration is open.

What is public space? Why do artists choose to work in these unconventional places? How do they use these spaces around the world? What kinds of legislation and technical characteristics do professionals have to take into account?

From 9 September 2019 onwards, you can access this 4-week MOOC packed with tools and inspiration to help you understand and play a role in artistic creation in public space.

As you progress through the course, you will learn about different artworks designed for public space, the way they interact with their locations, and the specific features of writing and audience relations in this context.

You will be given methodological tools and practical exercises to help you try out these ideas and take on the role of a creator. You will get support from various European artists and professionals, who will share their experience and knowledge with you.

Who is it aimed at?

Artists, art students, programmers and cultural planners, elected officials and staff working in collectivities, festivals’ audiences…This MOOC is open to anyone who is interested in creating and learning more about art in public space.

Who are the stakeholders who have developed the MOOC

The idea of the MOOC was developed in 2016 as part of the IN SITU ACT programme. The European IN SITU network was looking for tools to disseminate and promote art in public space. FAI-AR, Europe’s sole higher education training programme on art in public space has been developing its teaching and learning experience in this field since 2002. The school offered to develop this innovative tool to harness its expertise and disseminate it worldwide. This gave rise to the “Create in Public Space” project, a bilingual (French/English) learning platform that is free to use and will give participants the tools and inspiration to express their art in public space.

FAI-AR is the model school in Europe devoted to artistic creation in public space. It offers a 22-month specialized training course for students from superior arts training institutions and experienced performers of all nationalities who have decided to assert their position as artistic creators and organizers of projects in public space. FAI-AR’s function is to provide them the knowledge, skills, and professional know-how and to assist them in their artistic approach.