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05 Oct 2023 - 07 Oct 2023

Malta | International Cultural Policy Conference 2023

Arts Council Malta, in collaboration with the Compendium of Cultural Policies and Trends, is organising the upcoming International Cultural Policy Conference on 5 October 2023 in Valletta, Malta. 

As part of this Conference, the 6th Assembly of the Compendium Association and Assembly of Compendium Experts will be held on 6 October, serving also as a meeting point for the Compendium community itself. 

In conjunction to this, Arts Council Malta will be organising the 2nd edition of the State of the Arts – Malta National Symposium on 7 October.

The Conference and Symposium will both focus on the theme of the “Right to Culture”, as it is not only important to recognise that culture is a fundamental right, but also to discuss how we commit to advocating for a universally accessible Right to Culture in the future.

It is essential to look more closely at how the cultural sector and cultural policy are dealing with issues pertaining to the principles of cultural rights or how they address related challenges and opportunities in the near future.

The organisers have therefore put together a programme of speakers and experts from different cultural and national backgrounds, as well as artists who have struggled to express their art freely, in order to shed light on diverse perspectives and bring together people from different fields.

Read about the programme and register by 14 September 2023