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16 Nov 2012

Macau | unlocking cultural and creative industry potential

A Seminar was held in October in Macau on EU-Macao Business Opportunities “Unlocking Cultural and Creative Industries’ Potential – In Culture, Business, Innovation”, as part of MIF 17th International Trade and Investment Fair.

Local and European Union leaders in the cultural and creative industries (CCI) shared their perspectives on the way to unlock the business potential of CCI, which Macau is eyeing up as one of the ways to diversify its economy. While asserting the future of CCI, the experts also highlighted elements hindering developments in this field.

Echo Chan, Executive Director of the Macao Trade and Investment Promotion Institute, said in her opening speech that “advanced business experiences in cultural and creative sectors can be shared between countries of the EU and Macau”, with the possibility “to unlock more potential in the collaboration in culture, business and innovation between the two places”.

She told the meeting that the two sides have been close trade and investment partners for many years with collaboration in various fields developing gradually and continuing to grow. She said the EU has a very developed CCI market and through joint exchanges, Macau’s CCI can share their advanced experience in entering and thriving in the global CCI market. The Macau Cultural Affairs Bureau also stressed that cross-border exchanges help local industry players widen their horizons and learn from the creative skills, management techniques as well as marketing strategies of their more experienced partners.

In the seminar, Philippe Kern, Founder and Managing Director of KEA said CCI is a multi-dimensional process involving different fields of knowledge and walks of society, and in addition to policy cohesion and talents, social tolerance and interactions also play a crucial role.

Jorge Cerveira Pinto, National Co-ordinator of the National Programme “Creatividade Portugal”, stressed that a tailored made program is needed for CCI development, which requires the integration of elements of innovation, research and development, social cohesion, education, economic diversification, branding strategy, and other factors, as well as an inspiring and lively social environment.

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