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11 Jan 2016

Publication: "Nordic Inspiration - Fresh Approaches to Museum Learning"

Nordic Inspiration The latest issue of the magazine of the association Museum Communicators in Denmark (MID) is a special issue available in English, entitled Nordic Inspiration - Fresh Approaches to Museum Learning. The publication results from a project which aims to set up a Nordic network of museum associations in the field of education and communication, involving partners in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. In this respect, the publication presents a selection of innovative and successful projects from these countries that have been recognised on the national and international level. Ultimately, it aims to inspire museum professionals and other educational staff in museums and similar institutions which are striving to engage their audiences. Projects are presented in four categories: Audience Development, Community & Collaboration, Schools & Education and Museum Development, depicting the practical and conceptual work of museum professionals in the Nordic regions in great detail to support others in acting similarly. In the section "Audience Development" projects that have created methods for and with specific audience groups are presented. Through role-play, mobile apps and other approaches, the museums approached, engaged with and connected various audiences. "Community and Collaboration" shows projects that invited members of the community to deliver their stories to the museum, find "a source of well-being at work", include those who might otherwise be unable to enjoy museum visits and participate, as well as a project on sustainability. The section "Schools and Education" opens with a summary of the Learning Museum Manual that concentrates on teacher, school and museum collaborative partnerships. It is followed by a number of different projects to connect schools and museums. Close encounters with museum staff are as much a part as contributions from students to the exhibitions. With the last chapter on "Museum Development" the publication addresses a set of innovative project ideas. Museums challenged themselves and their traditional ways of working, to develop new methods and visitor experiences. The publication allows to discover the steps of their work and materials, as well as the outcomes of these projects. The publication is available for free download at  
Source: Network of European Museum Organisations (NEMO)