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23 Feb 2011


[caption id="attachment_7980" align="alignright" width="302" caption="Presentation of by Katelijn Verstraete, Assistant Director, Cultural Exchange, Asia Europe Foundation"][/caption] launches a film website dedicated to cinema from Asia and Europe helping film makers, producers and organisations from both regions share expertise and content and find information on funding, networking and distribution opportunities. website is part of the thematic  focus websites, connecting its social media channels and external partners.

The website was officially launched during the film screenings for Human Frames, which took place from 17 to 20 February at The Substation, an independent arts centre in Singapore.

Website structure

The website is an open source platform coordinated by one Editor, Mr. Jeremy Segay, observer of the trends and developments in film, co-production and public cultural policies.

  • One of the objectives of the website is to provide relevant information on different tools, programmes, platforms available for young film makers from Asia and Europe seeking regional or international collaboration; this information is available on the website under the NewsEvents and  Opportunities sections

  • The Magazine section of the websites provides insights on practical experiences and study cases and aims to give voice to observers and active figures of the film sector in the two regions, in order to understand further the particularities of each country and the synergies between Asia and Europe. The articles for the Magazine section are selected on an periodical open call basis published in the Newsletter

  • The magazine section is structured in :

    • In focus: gathering case studies and articles on films, collaborations between filmmakers from different countries and behind the camera experiences

    • Festival guides: short “portraits” of film festivals in Asia and Europe, especially those focusing on independent cinema

    • Interviews: with filmmakers, directors, producers, distribution agencies

    • Postcards: impressions sent to us by our active readers and film passionate covering different film events

    • Zoom: in-depth analysis of one country's or region’s  film policy development

  • The Resource Directory: is a valuable source of information, listing information on film schools, funding agencies, programmes, festivals, film associations and networks. combines the efforts of  SEA-Images website (Synergy Europe-Asia in the field of cinema), that successfully highlighted the Asian film industry and its independent sector and classified the rich information on European cinema, with the community of and provides in this way the most extensive interactive platform for film makers  and enthusiast from Asia and Europe.

We are happy to receive your information, article proposals or postcards to the following address: