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12 Feb 2015

Film information moves to


Dear film lovers - you can now find all film news on the enhanced film section of ASEF supports the sharing of content on independent film in Asia & Europe since 2002. We decided to make the film information available through one entry point on the main site.  Users can also easily find information here on many other topics that may relate to film. Happy browsing!

In the film section, we will continue to offer information on opportunities, events, news and magazine articles on film. You can consult the Film Directory database, an important resource which carries nearly 1,000 key film contacts across Asia and Europe. Users are also invited to subscribe to our monthly newsletter, to receive regular, updated film information and other content.

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Through ASEF continues to:

  • provide relevant information on different tools, programmes, platforms available for young filmmakers from Asia and Europe seeking regional or international collaboration

  • support young filmmakers from Asian and Europe by providing insights on practical experience and study cases by making them available to a wider audience

  • give voice to observers and active figures of the film sector in the two regions, in order to further understand the specificities of each countries and the synergies between the two

  • contribute to the development of regional film policies and programmes to further nurture regional collaboration and support

Many thanks to all our film site fans for their loyalty and interest. And do be reassured that film has only moved from the old website - it is now in its new home on