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07 Sep 2012 - 11 Sep 2012

This September, visit Open Frame in New Delhi

The Public Service Broadcasting Trust will present the twelfth edition of its annual Film Festival & Forum of documentary films, the Open Frame, from 07 to 11 September 2012 at, the India International Centre, New Delhi. The Festival will showcase a selection of its recently produced Films on a diversity of themes and subjects, followed by discussions around them. From examining the freedom of expression in the country, the role of the surveillant state, negotiating contested identities, debating the idea of a democracy, understanding the politics of food in India, exploring the invisibilisation of certain groups of people, engaging with newer forms of existence forced upon us by modernity, celebrating rich cultural and spiritual traditions to deeply personal narratives about love and loss, the Films provide a fascinating context for reflection and conversation. Some of the sessions this year include The Politics of Freedom on the contested freedom of expression in India; The State of Surveillance and the Contested Self exploring the relationship between the State and its ‘citizens’ – those included and those excluded; the relevance of death penalty in India; the Burdens of Modernity on the transformation that traditional cultural and performative traditions have undergone in order to be appropriate for a modernizing nation; the Politics of Food on how what we eat embodies our relationships with the world and Invisibilised Stories: Notes from the Periphery, discussing the narratives of those rendered irrelevant by mainstream discourses. Click here for the complete program guide and other details.