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01 Oct 2013 - 01 Dec 2013

Japan | KOBE Biennale 2013



KOBE Biennale 2013 runs 1 October - 1 December. It aims to use the power of art to inspire people to reconsider and re-evaluate local resources, and to spread the word about the wonderful resources that Kobe has; to serve as a gathering of creative talent; to serve as forum for interaction of Art Culture and an inspiration for a diverse range of projects for citizens to participate in; and to promote cooperation in activities of Art Culture. By taking advantage of Kobe's pioneer spirit and long-cultivated cultural strengths in diverse areas, KOBE Biennale has been dedicated to the creation of an attractive city through the support of diverse cultural activities that add color to modern society and give birth to unprecedented artistic expression and values. ~Drawing upon the Arts for urban Development "Implementation of Culture Creation City"~ The Biennale includes an exhibition of the winners of the Art in a Container International Competition Today, people emphasize interpersonal relationships in a struggle to reconstruct the trust that has collapsed in both international society and local communities. Under such circumstances, we should make efforts, and start such efforts today, to make our society a better place so that people believe in a bright future and succeed in achieving their respective desires and dreams. We should have a firm belief that we can make it through combined effort and wisdom. Building on KOBE Biennale's past achievements attained through the 2007 "Deai" (Encounter~People,Community,Arts) project, the 2009 "Wa" ( harmony) project, and the 2011 "Kira" (sparkle) project, we have set our new goal for KOBE Biennale 2013, by deciding on "Saku" (meaning "blooming") as the theme for the latest festival (the 4th KOBE Biennale), since we believe that the seeds of our efforts to overcome difficulties will bloom to grow into new strengths in diverse forms, like colorful flowers in full bloom, encouraging us not to stick to conventional systems or old ideas. Image: KAGAYAKI - Vessel of Light by Tanaka Tetsuya