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25 Jun 2010 - 04 Jul 2010

Italy: Indian performing arts workshop

Milon Mela performing arts company from India are at OZU arts centre in rural Italy in summer 2010.  An intensive residential workshop with 19 artists, musicians, dancers on body and voice is offered. Milon Mela come from India and every summer they give a small but rich and delicious taste of the traditional performing arts of their country. Baul, Gotipua, Chau, Kalaripayattu are just some of the ancient disciplines that are presented in their shows. Moreover, the workshops, seminars and meetings Milon Mela offer, are meant to explain, to make people understand that what they tell is not just folklore, beautiful colour and entertainment: it is something more, it is a ritual expression of the soul, an old tradition that is in a risk to vanish and that the "Source’s research" project is proudly and courageously preserving. Milon Mela are in Ozu, Monteleone Sabino, until early September. In this small and lost corner of Italy they tell their story in a language that needs no words. During the summer OZU proposes a series of activities with Milon Mela. From 25 June – 4 July a 10-days intensive workshop, as well as seminars and performances with Indian dinner in the large and colourful "shamiana" tent. OZU is a residential cultural centre which opened in 2005.  Its a mission is to support and promote contemporary artists (regional, national and international), to work with the local community and to develop new and innovative cultural programmes and activities.  It is based in the countryside of the Sabine Hills, 55km from Rome.