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16 Sep 2011 - 25 Sep 2011

Innovation Festival (IF) Tallinn

IF Tallinn hosts the sixth innovation festival as part of its European Capital of Culture 2011 programme and will hold more than 45 events which mainly take place in the Rotermann quarter, as well as several large museums, galleries and urban spaces. One of the centres of the festival is the Estonian Design House located in Kalasadam where visitors can experience the latest Estonian design works. The Design Festival Design Night event will also run as part of the IF Festival and feature a number of exhibitions showcasing European design works. The Innovation Festivals are a celebration of innovation and creativity that have been organized in six European cities within the past 2 years - Barcelona, Kortrijk, Milano, Lisboa, Vilnius and Tallinn - mobilizing their citizens, youth, businesses, researchers and other regional players to broaden their minds and be part of multiple events. The power of innovation and creativity The Innovation Festivals are part of the PRO INNO Europe initiative 'Innovation Weeks', which seek new and better innovation policies for countries and regions across Europe. Society driven and socially responsible innovation is one of the main focusses. The aim is to make citizens aware of the ways in which innovation and creativity can solve societal problems, enrich our lives and create a better society in general. One way to do so is by demonstrating and highlighting (regional) innovative solutions to past and current problems, by showcasing regional innovation success stories. The Inovation Festival events are targeted at a broad audience: citizens, experts, businesses, public bodies, ngo's, financial institutions, educational centres, universities, etc. Participants and visitors will be offered the opportunity to learn about, and actively contribute to innovation within their region. Further, co-operative partnerships will be stimulated, which are expected to lead to facilitate and enhance innovation and strengthen regional innovation systems. Source: Innovation Festival Europe