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30 Nov 2016 - 11 Dec 2016

Hong Kong | Design Prize Switzerland exhibition

designswissl-700x399 Connecting Spaces Hong Kong – Zurich co-presents with Design Preis Schweiz and the Consulate General of Switzerland in Hong Kong to host the exhibition “Excellent Swiss Design: Design Prize Switzerland, Edition 2015/16”. It runs 1-11 December 2016, with an opening talk with the curator on 30 November. 23 nominated and prize-winning products and projects that are smart, marketable and innovative will be showcased in three major exhibition venues in Hong Kong (including Connecting Space Hong Kong, InnoDesignTech Expo and PMQ). The full selection of works will be displayed at Connecting Space Hong Kong as of 5 December 2016 and guided tours will be available for booking on the afternoons of 7, 9 and 10 December 2016. This exhibitions will be free of charge and open to the public.

Opening Reception with Curator Talk

Date & Time: 30 November 2016, 07.00 PM – 09.30 PM, Venue: Connecting Space Hong Kong (Directions)

GAME CHANGER – Pecha Kucha

Date & Time: 5 December 2016, 7:00pm – 9:00pm Venue: Connecting Space Hong Kong (Directions) Speakers:  Xavier Aymon, Dr. Jan Eckert, Reto Schmid, Augustin Scott de Martinville, Mugi Yamamoto The global society, demographics, the environment and the economy are in constant change just as are technologies, materials and our knowledge and experience. How do we reply to changing needs and problems by leaving common tracks? By no surprise this year’ topic of the Hong Kong design week is Game Changer as not only design as such, but as a way of thinking proves to be an innovating approach to holistic solutions that deploys not only change but also added-value. Join us for this Pecha Kucha – a series of short presentations – featuring Swiss and Hong Kong based designers, entrepreneurs and educators from different design fields.

About Design Preis Schweiz

The biennial design competition “Design Prize Switzerland” is aimed at enhancing the significance of Swiss design. It awards prizes for outstanding achievements in all design disciplines relevant to industry. The prize categories are divided in the following sectors: Communication, Furniture, Spatial, Product, Fashion, Textile, Research, Energy, Merit and Young Talents. The nominated and prizewinning projects are presented to professionals in the field of design, business and innovation as well as to the general public in three different locations  with the objective of anchoring the added value of design in industry and society. Economic and cultural relevance are the top priorities. The 2015/16 edition of Design Prize Switzerland clocked up 450 entries, which is a recorded 50% increase from the last year’s submission.