20 Mar 2012

Hong Kong 2012 Diary: World Cinema – Competition

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Eight titles from China, Japan, South Korea, Indonesia and the Philippines vie in the Young Cinema Competition of the 36th Hong Kong International Film Festival. They include Song of Silence by Chen Zhuo (China); Young Dudes by DJ Chen (China); About the Pink Sky by Kobayashi Keiichi (Japan); The End of Puberty by Shoko Kimura (Japan); Postcards from the Zoo by Edwin (Indonesia); The Woman in the Septic Tank by Marlon N. Rivera (Philippines); Choked by Kim Joong-Hyun (South Korea); and Stateless Things by Kim Kyung-mook (South Korea).

Another eight compete in the Documentary category. They include Hometown Boy by Yao Hung-I (China); Putin's Kiss by Lise Birk Pedersen (Denmark); Jai Bhim Comrade by Anand Patwardhan (India); Where Heaven Meets Hell by Sasha Friedlander (USA); Soldier / Citizen by Silvina Landsmann (Israel); Nuclear Nation by Funahashi Atsushi (Japan); Back to the Square by Petr Lom (Norway/Canada)  and Moving by Park Ki-yong (South Korea/ New Zealand).

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In the Short Film Competition, 20 finalists are competing for the Grand Prize, Jury Prize and new Special Prize (Hong Kong). The works, selected for the JCCA’s Short Film Competition, hail from Asia, Europe and the Americas and will be presented in four programmes in the 36th HKIFF. Each programme will be paired with a title from the omnibus Beautiful 2012.

The winners shall be announced at the Awards Gala evening on 3 April 2012.

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