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28 Apr 2022

Greece and Bangladesh sign agreement on cultural cooperation

After 50 years of diplomatic relations, Greece and Bangladesh have signed a bilateral agreement to increase cooperation in the fields of culture and education. 

According to the agreement, they will cooperate in the fields of cultural heritage and modern culture and particularly in literature, music, visual and performing arts, crafts and cultural activities

The agreement also encourages the exchange of manuscripts and other publications, works of art, and music programmes, as well as the organisation of modern and contemporary art exhibitions. In the field of cultural heritage, the agreement anticipates the exchange of archaeological exhibitions.

The two countries are already cooperating – under the UNESCO conventions – for the prevention of the illicit trafficking of cultural property as well as for the management of cultural heritage and the promotion of cultural diversity.

The cultural cooperation between Greece and Bangladesh will be implemented with the signing of a three-year cultural exchange programme.

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Image: Cultural Affairs Ministers of Bangladesh and Greece sign a cultural agreement in Athens.