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08 Oct 2010

Germany-India:Rabindranath Tagore retrospective documentary

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The year 2011 is a year of retrospective for the most exciting chapter in European-Indian cultural history: The life and achievements of the family Tagore since early 18th century - A dynasty, that has  constantly promoted inter-cultural exchange between Europe and India through generations and left behind a lasting impression till today.

2011 will mark the 150th birth anniversary and the 70th death anniversary of Rabindranath Tagore, the so called “Goethe of India” and the first Asian Nobel Prize laureate. On this occasion a  journey starting in Berlin and ending in India will be undertaken by the descendents of Tagore who have lived in Germany for the last 40 years. 64-year old Indian V.K. and his two daughters (22 and 24 years old, both born and brought up in Europe), will undertake this journey which will be made into a two-part documentary, following their trail in tracing the footsteps to a unique cultural and historical past.

The making of both documentaries will be supported by UNESCO and will be titled:-

The “Indian Prince” Dwarkanath Tagore and Queen Victoria – Part 1

 The “Indian Goethe” Rabindranath Tagore in Europe – Part 2