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19 Apr 2015 - 21 Apr 2015

Geneva | MuseumNext | conference

MUSEUMNEXT_LOGO1 MuseumNext, Europe's major conference on the future of museums takes place in Geneva 19-21 April.  MuseumNext has invited an impressive programme of speakers, coming from across Europe, Australia, North America and beyond. An international panel of museum directors and expert consultants will open the conference with a passionate discussion about the future of museums. There is a wide range of workshops, presentations, debates - including:
  • The Sociable Museum: The mission of museums has expanded greatly in the past decade. In their quest to capture a bigger role amidst the cacophony of popular culture, museums have been pulling out all stops to generate conversations both within and beyond their walls. They’ve tried websites, blogs, online discussion forums, Facebook, Twitter, podcasts, mobile apps, and augmented reality devices, individually and in combination, with mixed success. How can institutions harness digital tools to design these conversations, and make them effective, memorable, and resonant?
  • Relevance and Social Impact of Museums: Museums are taking on new roles corresponding to different needs of present-day societies and changes from education, economy, science, environment and other relevant fields. There is a growing tendency to show social relevance of museums so the activities are getting more directed to various audiences, leading to new partnerships and different stakeholders. Innovative and dynamic approaches trigger off creative programmes in museums but how to keep pace on a larger scale and what is coming next?
  • Entrepreneurship in Museums: Entrepreneurship is one of the last remaining frontiers to conquer for museums. The qualities one needs to be an effective entrepreneur are often not the same as the characteristics of the museum professional. The challenge therefore lies in the development of entrepreneurial activities that suit the museum sector and provide a basis for a new way of working: preserving the quality and integrity of the museum’s core business while expanding its professional and commercial outreach.
Registration is open until 12 April and one day tickets can be booked up till 19 April