06 Jul 2016

First Cultural Assises - Assises Culturelles - held in Luxembourg

[caption id="attachment_59389" align="aligncenter" width="606"](de g. à d.) : Xavier Bettel, Premier ministre, ministre d'État, ministre de la Culture Xavier Bettel, Premier ministre, ministre d'État, ministre de la Culture[/caption]

The first 'Cultural Assises' - Assises culturelles du Luxembourg - took place at the Grand Théâtre de la Ville de Luxembourg 1-2 July 2016, with input from national Working Groups and international speakers on the future directions of cultural policy in Luxembourg.

The event was open to the public and attended by over 450 people.

In conclusion, the Minister of Culture Xavier Bettel announced that Jo Kox, former administrative director of Casino – Forum d’art contemporain and President of the Fonds culturel national, has taken on the follow up to the Assises to deepen the discussions. Xavier Bettel underlined that the Assises are not the end but the start of a constructive dialogue with the cultural sector.


The report (in French) on the Government of Luxembourg website

The invitation to the public to attend is available in French here

Programme information

Read the Working Group reports (in French)



Culture360 also likes this initiative of the

Ministry of Culture Luxembourg - an artistic competition

(open to artists resident in Luxembourg and/or of

Luxembourg nationality) to design the traditional New Year

greetings cards sent by Government ministers and departments.

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