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02 Sep 2021

Finland | Politicians Museum Internship campaign

At the end of August, nearly 70 Finnish politicians participated in museum internships in 21 locations across the country, organised by the Finnish Museums Association, for the 6th year in 2021.

The Politician's Museum Training campaign, coordinated by the Finnish Museum Association, was held from 23 to 27 August 2021. During the week, nearly 70 politicians signed up to get acquainted with museum work in 30 museums in a practical way.

During the Politician's Museum Internship campaign, the activities of museums behind the scenes are made visible. Politicians' museum visits highlight the diverse work of museums and the social significance of the museum network covering the whole of Finland.

Various museum assignments are also tried out in practice. During the internship day, the decision-makers will get acquainted with the workspaces of museum professionals, researchers' rooms, archives and, for example, the reception areas for objects. At the same time, current themes for museums are discussed.

“Much of the museum work is not visible in the exhibitions to the traveling museum visitor. The aim of the politician's museum internship is to expand the understanding of the diversity of museum work and its long-term nature, ” says Kimmo Levä, CEO of the Finnish Museum Association .

This year, the special guests of the internship are the new municipal councilors, many of whom have signed up for the programme.

“I hope that museum internships will provide decision-makers with new experiences and insights, as well as strengthen the knowledge base for making decisions about museums,” Kimmo Levä continues.