28 Jan 2018 - 03 Feb 2018

Filipino women's documentaries showcase in Mumbai

A showcase of documentaries by women filmmakers from the Philippines entitled Of Love and Struggle have been selected for screening at the Mumbai International Festival for Documentary, Short & Animation Films (MIFF), 28 Jan - 3 Feb. Works have been selected by members of IAWRT (International Association of Women in Radio & Television).

Of Love and Struggle is a central theme running through a selection of films made by women from The Philippines, which will be showcased in screenings at India's Mumbai International Festival for Documentary, Short & Animation Films (MIFF) in late January.

The selection has been jointly curated by IAWRT members Ilang Ilang Quijano (Manila) and Reena Mohan (New Delhi) and includes classics such as Tondo, Beloved: To What are the Poor Born? (2011), Jazz in Love (2013) and Nick and Chai (2014).

''Love and struggle are the themes running through this collection of films, which takes us to the vast underdeveloped countryside of the Philippines and the dense slums of Manila. These are places where socio-political conflicts play out, places where the struggle for survival is most intense" say Reena and Ilang Ilang.

"These are also places where the most recognizable aspects of Filipino culture thrive—from the love of karaoke singing, to bayanihan,or working collectively.

Exhibited by various protagonists are values that range from conservative to progressive, behaviour from abhorrent to endearing — not immovable but, always, in a state of flux or struggle. And always, with an enormous capacity to love — the self, family, community, and country.''

MIFF runs from January 28 - February 3. of Love and  Struggle Venues: Films Division Complex & Russian Cultural Centre. Click for more information

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