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24 Mar 2017 - 23 Apr 2017

Fashionclash | from Maastricht to Chengdu

From 24 March until 23 April, Maastricht-based interdisciplinary platform Fashionclash, jointly with Chinese partners Punch Me, Cross Lab and Dutch-Chinese organization About Asia will introduce Fashionclash 2017: Future of Fashion in Chengdu, China. After a successful first exhibition of Fashionclash in China in 2015, as part of an exchange programme between the sister-cities of Maastricht and Chengdu, the platform now presents a larger, more comprehensive, and complete story at the newly opened Future Center in downtown Chengdu. Future of Fashion ‘Future of Fashion’ is a multidisciplinary exhibition composed out of work of more than 30 emerging designers and artists from The Netherlands and Flanders. The presented work stands out for its concepts, experimental materials and textiles, innovative shapes and tailoring. In addition to fashion the exhibition features screenings of interdisciplinary fashion films and performances. The selection of participants is an eclectic mix of designers that graduated from the top schools such as AMFI, ArtEZ Arnhem, MAFAD, KABK, Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp and Theatre Academy Maastricht. Among the participants there are award winning designers like Marlou Breuls and Nikki Duijst, avant-garde designers’ collective Das Leben Am Haverkamp and promising theatre makers like Lotte Milder and Milou van Duijnhoven. In recent years, Dutch fashion practitioners are well presented in China with their cross-boundary experiments and creativity. After the comprehensive exhibition project The Future of Fashion is Now (Shanghai, Shenzhen, 2015-2016), co-organized by DutchCulture and Overseas China Town Group, 'Fashionclash 2017: Future of Fashion" is a new representation of cutting-edge Dutch fashion design in west of China. Read more about Flashionclash, its annual festival in Maastricht and international fashion network.