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14 Aug 2018 - 28 Oct 2018

Exhibition: "500 Years of the Joseon Dynasty Maps" | Korea

  Between 14 August and 28 October 2018, the National Museum of Korea, Seoul, an ASEMUS member, presents an exhibition entitled "500 Years of the Joseon Dynasty Maps". The exhibition highlights the proud and long tradition of Joseon map production, as these priceless artifacts let visitors  know how the Korean people used to view space and time, and put such view to practical use. The Korean people have been creating maps for over one and a half millennia, ever since the Three Dynasties period, and such legacy continued through the Goryeo and Joseon periods. All the maps created in Joseon for five hundred years in particular are now praised by many as significant accomplishments in the history of East Asian cartology, cartography and historical geography. "500 Years of the Joseon Dynasty Maps" effectively amounts to the first time ever in which a wide range of Joseon maps have been comprehensively displayed, enabling visitors to witness how the Joseon people understood their own country land and spaces they lived in. People will also be stunned by their beauty and wonderful complexity in aesthetic terms. By presenting this exhibition, the National Museum of Korea  hopes to provide visitors with a truly joyful event, and an opportunity to appreciate Joseon maps in all their glory. By visiting this exhibition, they will be able to embark upon a journey which will guide them to meet people in the past, who lived in a country named Joseon that had established a proud culture of cartography and map production. This unique showcase can be visited at the Special Exhibition Gallery and the Medieval and Early Modern History Gallery 114 of the National Museum of Korea. For additional information, please visit the Museum's website at