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06 Sep 2010

National Museum of Korea

At the National Museum of Korea (NMK), visitors can understand and appreciate the value of Korean history and culture through diverse experiences, events, and exhibitions. NMK's permanent collection offers a journey through thousands of years of history, from simple hand axes of the Paleolithic Age, to a splendid gold crown from the Three Kingdoms Period, exquisite celadon from the Goryeo Dynasty, masterful paintings from the Joseon Dynasty, to photos from modern times. By immersing themselves in such captivating artifacts and artworks, our visitors can come to understand the deep national pride that Koreans feel for their unique culture.

NMK strives to provide visitors with the most entertaining and informative cultural experiences, introducing various cultures through an array of exhibitions and informative programmes. The museum’s vast collection is presented in rotating displays in 6 permanent exhibition halls. NMK also regularly features major special exhibitions on important themes and provide exciting educational programmes for children.