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10 Jan 2017

Dancing Finland 2017


As part of the programme for the centenary of Finland's independence in 2017, a year-long national dance campaign was launched on January 6th. Dancing Finland 2017 invites you to feel the joy of dance – everyone can dance!

The campaign kicks off with the Dance Challenge: On 6 January 2017 six different Dance Challenge dances were released. You can partake in the Challenge by learning the dance of your choice, photographing or filming a performance of the dance, and sharing the photos or video on social media – you can also challenge others to get involved. You also can get involved with the Dance Challenge throughout the year with guidance from trained teachers and at events held around Finland.


Dancing Finland is set to start with the Dance Challenge campaign. You can learn the dance challenge dance of your choice by yourself or with others, with the help of a video published online, or under the guidance of a Dance Challenge teacher who can come to your home, school, work-place or hobby community. Record your performance and upload it to social media to partake in the Challenge. You can also challenge others to get involved.


There will be six different kinds of dance: ballet, street dance, contemporary dance, couple and folk dance, show dance, and freestyle dancing that anyone can try. No prior experience is required to learn the dances, and they will be suitable for people of all ages and physical abilities.

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