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17 Oct 2023

Coexistence of different art hubs across Asia is necessary

With more and more art fairs emerging across Asia, some might be asking if there are now too many arts events in the regional calendar. However, as Park Han-sol reports in The Korean Times, this breadth of events reflects both the growth in the market and the need for a dynamic and vibrant industry. As Park Han-sol explains: 

Frieze Seoul is among a handful of newcomers to the rapidly growing art fair scene in Asia, joined by other established and nascent players like Art Basel Hong Kong, Taipei Dangdai, Tokyo Gendai, Art SG in Singapore and India Art Fair. Except for Art Basel Hong Kong, all four events are operated by the Art Assembly, an affiliation of art fairs focused on the Asia-Pacific region.

While concerns have been voiced about the increasingly saturated art calendar in Asia, many industry insiders view this proliferation as a positive sign attesting to the region's growing significance in the global art market.

[Atsuko Ninagawa, owner and director of Tokyo-based Take Ninagawa gallery] noted that the proliferation and coexistence of different art hubs operating across Asia – beyond the more established art center of Hong Kong – was born out of “necessity.”

“That is what has been taking place in Europe (all this time). That’s how they made this industry bigger and more united. We need that. We were longing for it, but we didn't have it before,” she said.

Read the full article in The Korean Times about how different initiatives in the region are making new connections within Asia.

Image: Frieze Seoul 2022