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22 Sep 2014 - 05 Oct 2014

Chinese Culture in Poland's State Ethnographical Museum

China Poland - image 1 small In the context of the Chinese Ethnic Cultural Festival, which is currently being held in Poland to celebrate the 65th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between China and Poland, between 22 September and 5 October 2014 Warsaw's State Ethnographical Museum, an ASEMUS member, hosts a series of three exhibitions on Chinese culture. The largest of the three exhibitions presents traditional costumes and ornaments of Chinese ethnic groups, showing the country's diversity and cultural wealth. Traditional Mongol, Tibetan and Uighur costumes, among others, are presented. Brocade, embroidery, batik and other decorative techniques used to decorate clothing make up another of the rooms of the exhibition, which also includes a wide range of ethnic ornaments. The second exhibition included as part of the Chinese Ethnic Cultural Festival addresses Chinese tea culture. The history of tea crops, different types of tea and their uses in medicine and everyday life, as well as tea drinking as a ritual adopted by many social and ethnic groups in China are some of the issues covered. The last part of the exhibition is devoted to the well-known brands of Chinese tea producers and contemporary tea-drinking habits in China. The final exhibition at the State Ethnographical Museum presents traditional paper cut-outs. Other activities hosted by Poland within the Chinese Ethnic Cultural Festival include a traditional music concert and a seminar on the protection of ethnic culture. A similar season of Polish cultural events in China is planned for 2015. For additional information on the events currently held at the State Ethnographical Museum, visit