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09 Jun 2017 - 20 Jun 2017

Exhibition: "Feast along the Silk Road" | Belgium

Following its presentation in Milan, Venice and Paris, the exhibition “Feast along the Silk Road - An Exhibition of Chinese Tableware Design and Culture” sponsored by the China National Arts Fund and co-hosted by the China Cultural Center in Brussels, the Network of International Culturalink Enitities (NICE), the Sichuan Fine Arts Institute and the EMGdotART Foundation, is presented at the China Cultural Center in Brussels between 9 and 20 June, in the context of the “Week of Chinese Intangible Cultural Heritage”. Under the theme of “Family gatherings and meals of ordinary people”, this exhibition, which was staged in 2015 in Milan and Venice as an official exhibition part of the Milan World Expo, creatively displays folk dwelling elements. It presents 351 pieces of tableware, symbolizing the concept of “home”, designed by outstanding contemporary Chinese artists and designers. The exhibition alsos combine documents, pictures and multimedia videos about traditional Chinese food and drinks. Such immersive exhibition methods including reproduction of scenes of the everyday life, pictures and combining static and dynamic parts allow visitors to experience China’s time-honored diet culture and history, and appreciate its unique regional characteristics and long-standing traditional craftsmanship techniques. It is worth noting that all objects on display, be it dining utensils such as cups, dishes, bowls, trays, pans, pots, or tea wares, or furniture such as desks, tables, small tables, stools and chairs, are all built based on traditional Chinese prototypes and recreated with contemporary design concepts with materials and traditional craftsmanship bearing regional characteristics. Modern materials such as metal and modern technologies like digital sculpting were also used, thus these objects demonstrate both traditional and modern Chinese characteristics. “Feast along the Silk Road - An Exhibition of Chinese Tableware Design and Culture” aims at exploring how traditional Chinese craftsmanship and folk wisdom intervene in and influence contemporary design and life. With its artistic design, this exhibition innovatively reflects the long-standing history and brand-new charm of the fine traditional Chinese culinary culture. This exhibition promotes the exchanges and cooperation on inheritance, innovation and sustainable development of traditional and indigenous culture in the domain of design and creativity between China and Europe, thus advancing the shared pursuit of a beautiful life by people in countries along the Silk Road and their harmonious co-existence. For additional information about "Feast along the Silk Road", please visit