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31 Jan 2015

Call for Papers: "Cultural Heritage in an International Age"

furnace call for papers furnace is a new journal launched by postgraduate students within the Ironbridge International Institute of Cultural Heritage (IIICH) of the University of Birmingham, UK. Seeing cultural heritage as an ever expanding and diversifying discipline, furnace aims to be a facilitator for sparking debates and discussions surrounding the field. The journal will be published twice per year. The theme for the first edition of the journal is ‘Cultural heritage in an international age’. Among the questions that will be addressed are the following:
  • What significant roles can heritage play in a globalising and modernising world?
  • Has the scope and scale of the discipline responded to the demands of today’s international community?
  • Is heritage in a dialogue with reality?
These questions begin to deconstruct some of the present issues surrounding the theme and make fundamental enquiries about the future of cultural heritage. A call for papers has been launched and is open until 20 February 2015. For additional details, please visit furnace at