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16 Nov 2018 - 27 Oct 2019

Bunker de Lumieres digital art exhibition on Jeju

The French museums management company Culturespaces presents its immersive audiovisual experience of Gustav Klimt’s paintings, featuring mural projections of the images set to music by Wagner, Strauss and Beethoven, in the Bunker des Lumières, a former bunker on South Korea’s Jeju island.

The exhibition opened in late 2018 and runs until 27 October 2019 on Jeju.

The Bunker des Lumieres was opened by Culturespaces and the Korean operator Tmonet, the French company's first multimedia art centre outside France.

Banking on the growing popularity of digital, experience-based art, Culturespaces plans to open another venue, the Bassins de Lumières, with support from the city of Bordeaux in spring 2020. Spanning 14,500 sq. m, it is located in a renovated German submarine bunker built mostly by Spanish and French prisoners during the Second World War.

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