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07 Oct 2022 - 09 Oct 2022

Buffer Fringe Performing Arts Festival 2022

Buffer Fringe Performing Arts Festival returns for its 9th edition, with a renewed commitment to its mission for social justice and peacebuilding. The uncertainty of our world, the multiple crises of our times, and the stagnant political process in Cyprus, make resistance and collaboration through the arts all the more important.

Through the transformative power of the arts, an innovative collaborative structure, and international participation, Buffer Fringe 2022 – organized by the Home for Cooperation – will feature original artistic work from Cyprus, Spain, Greece, Lebanon/Germany, France and the Netherlands. These works were selected among an unprecedented 242 artistic proposals from 37 countries. 

Buffer Fringe 2022 will take place on the 7th, 8th, 9th of October across the island of Cyprus and online. 

The theme for 2022 is Pockets (beyond), which aims to initiate a discussion on who is visible/invisible and why. Pockets (beyond) becomes a space to start thinking about difference and identity, past and present, inside and outside, inclusion and exclusion. It transfers agency back to the marginal, the forgotten, the invisible.

This year, the festival takes place in three separate venues, each integral to the festival’s peacebuilding goals. The Home for Cooperation has invited two individual curators and one curritorial team to imagine each of these spaces as a unique pocket of space and time.

The BF 2022 Curators are: Raffi Feghali, director and performer from Lebanon; Kat Kats, writer and dramaturg, and Bryce Ives, creator of performance-based work and artistic director, from Australia; Derya Ulubatlı, art historian, and Maria Varnakkidou, theatre director, from Cyprus. 

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