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17 Jan 2011 - 23 Jan 2011

Brussels | Burning Ice

[caption id="attachment_7672" align="alignright" width="375" caption="Changing Tents by Radical_Hope"][/caption] Economists, philosophers and artists present theoretical, practical and poetic views of economics. Burning Ice 4 art and environment European network project and festival in Brussels also features interactive installation. The economy is what this Burning Ice is all about. Our blind faith in the holy trinity ‘growth-price-money’ is challenged by the current financial and ecological crisis. From January 17-23 we will listen to artists, economists and philosophers who criticise this blind faith and suggest new values. They link economic growth with its impact on the environment, talk about the illusion of the correct market price and discuss different roles that money could play. Burning Ice #4 wants to position itself between the theoretical, practical and poetic views of economics. The Un-Economic Summit takes place 21-22 January. Changing Tents is an installation by Radical_Hope outside the Kaaitheater: six tents and a car together form a temporary zone for social and economic change. A group of artists have been invited by Radical_Hope to set up this out-of-the-ordinary “camp”. A hexayurt is a special kind of tent, designed by Vinay Gupta as incredibly cheap shelter for those in need. Participants can get involved in the week-long process of action that aims to generate ideas: ideas about new ways of organising work, urban food production, alternative energy management, innovative financing schemes and so on.