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05 May 2018 - 16 Sep 2018

Bruges Contemporary Art and Architecture Triennial 2018


Bruges Triennial 2018 | Liquid City – Vloeibare Stad will gather artists and architects from around the world in Bruges to leave their mark on the public space.  From 5 May to 16 September 2018, impressive constructions of contemporary artists and architects will appear in the historic heart of the city. These are answers to the effects of the fluid society today.

About the theme - LIQUID SOCIETY: The Polish-born British sociologist and philosopher Zygmunt Bauman (1925-2017) studied the globalizing society and came to the conclusion that change is constant and relentless. Long-established ideas and ways of life are coming under pressure. This globalization causes the “liquid society”, which engenders a number of threats.

Curators Till-Holger Borchert and Michel Dewilde have released the names of the artists and architects taking part in the Bruges Triennial 2018, the contemporary art and architecture trail in the historic city centre.

A state of constant flux, driven by variation, pluralism and ambivalence can lead to uncertainty and even fear. But the Bruges Triennial 2018 adopts the opposite stance as a possible beacon, a fluid city, open and involved, the engine of social, cultural and political change. Bruges as a creative melting pot where diversity leads to encounter. A seedbed of innovation in an urban context. With their artistic and architectural installations, the participants of the Bruges Triennial 2018: Liquid City | Vloeibare Stad create hospitable public spaces in the inner city. The temporary modifications they make to lesser-known and iconic places in the historic cityscape open up new opportunities for encounters for residents and visitors alike.

Among the selected artists and architect projects:

  • OBBA (South Korea) - Office for Beyond Boundaries Architecture - The Floating Island (project selected for Bruges Triennale 2018