News & events > Berlin: artists, journalists debate culture in China
16 Jun 2010 - 16 Jun 2010

Berlin: artists, journalists debate culture in China

SidebySide Studio presents a debate between artists, journalists and cultural activists in Berlin about cultural production and values in China today, entitled 'Everyone is Chinese Tomorrow?' After the media fever of Olympic in Beijing and World Expo in Shanghai, everything about China seems to be associated with ‘ the biggest’, ‘the tallest’, or ‘the fastest’ in the world. Besides reading about China’s massive urban development and unstoppable economic growth in the media, when is the last time you have the chance to be in real conversation with the Chinese? Continuing with the critical spirit of Kunst Apotheke Salon, we will explore the love - hate relationship between the Occident and China at MMX Open Art Venue in Berlin on 16.06.2010. We have invited Chinese journalist, economist, and cultural activists to tell us what they want us to know about modern China. The dialogue will extend with stories, debates, and questions from European experts and cultural operators who have worked in China. Together, to further investigate the possibility for China to shift its economic force from consumer production to immaterial value system. Everyone Is Chinese Tomorrow? is initiated and produced by SideBySide Studio, in collaboration with MMX Open Art Venue e.V. Special thanks to Upgrade! Berlin for its generous support.