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28 Sep 2011 - 17 Oct 2011

Beijing International Design Triennale 2011 | Beijing Design Week

Beijing's first International Design Triennale opens on September 28 at the National Museum of China comprising five halls and covering 6000 square meters of space. The exhibition's main theme is based on the Chinese tradition of "Ren", which focuses on the notion caring for others and was adapted in this context to "good design". 5 separate sub-themes were also identified by Chinese and international curators to be: creative junctions, rethinking bamboo, reason design emotion, good guys, and what if. The Triennale takes place within the framework of the Beijing Design Week, an annual showcase of Chinese and international design works. It hosts London as this year's guest to promote cultural exchanges between the two cities and promote design excellence internationally. A design forum on design and city development is also scheduled to highlight the current challenges facing urban environments and the design industries at large. Other initiatives such as design tours and awards are included in the programme's calendar. The BeijingTriennale and Design Week are hosted by the Chinese Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Education, the China Federation of Literary and Art Circles, and the City of Beijing, and is organized bu Tsinghua University, the Beijing Industrial Design Center, and the Beijing Gehua Cultural Development Group.