News & events > ASEM Cultural Festival: 2019 | Rasa Y Duende: Lorca, Flamenco y la India
11 Dec 2019 - 11 Dec 2019

ASEM Cultural Festival: 2019 | Rasa Y Duende: Lorca, Flamenco y la India

A multidisciplinary performance that kindles the touch, visual and aural senses

Contemporary dance (duration: 60m)
Friday, 13 December 2019
Centro Nicolás Salmerón 
Madrid, Spain

Performance inspired by Poema del Cante Jondo by Federico García Lorca. This dance, poetry and music show establishes a dialogue between different performing arts from India and the deep roots of Spanish flamenco singing and dancing. Rasa y duende achieves the perfect blend of Lorca’s poetic imagery, the primitive and stylised sound of flamenco and dance inspired by contemporary languages of India and Spain, giving rise to a sensory experience combining images, sounds and movement

Rasa symbolises the classical aesthetic of India, which refers to the nine basic emotions common to all human beings. The artistic expression of these emotions creates an aesthetic space which allows to experience art beyond cultural borders, achieving “duende” or magic in the words of Lorca himself: “The duende works on the dancer’s body like wind on sand… and at every instant works the arms with gestures that are the mothers of the dances of all the ages…” (Theory and Play of the Duende, Lorca).


Producer: Compañía Mónica de la Fuente

Choreography and dance: Mónica de la Fuente 

Vocals and percussion: José Salinas 

Classical and flamenco guitar: Mariano Mangas 

Percussion, tabla and kanjira: Yonder Rodríguez

The event is part of ASEM Cultural Festival 2019, CLICK HERE for the full programme.