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21 Sep 2022

ASEF to launch Arts Journalism Matters Fellowship

During the the next ENCATC Congress, ASEF and ENCATC will launch the first Fellowship for Arts Journalists from Asia and Europe – Arts Journalism Matters that aims to provide long-term capacity building, networking and peer collaboration opportunities for young emerging arts journalists, specialising in cultural management and cultural policy writing.

This programme follows on the pilot e-residency for arts journalists Virtual Crossovers, jointly organised by ASEF and ENCACT in 2021.

Arts media is often overlooked by policy makers, funders and practitioners when considering the arts ecosystem. With this programme, part of the 2-year partnership between ASEF and ENCATC, the two organisations address the shrinking of arts coverage and arts criticism as well as the lack of opportunities for young arts professionals interested in specialising in this area.

Arts Journalism Matters will be launched during the ENCATC Congress with the participation of the 2 young journalists that were part of the e-residency in 2021. The ENCATC Congress will provide both participants with the opportunity to network and write about the event. The articles and interviews that they will produce will be published in the ENCATC policy magazine and on ASEF culture360 Insights section.