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28 Nov 2016

Arts Leaders Podcast


Arts Leaders Podcast features interviews with some of the people responsible for the leadership of arts organisations and festivals around the world. Several were recorded at the World Summit on Arts & Culture in Malta, including a powerful interview with Arn Chorn-Pond (Cambodia Living Arts), interviews with festival and foundation leaders in Europe, India and elsewhere.

Arts Leaders Podcast 1: Svend Brown

In the very first episode of the Arts Leaders Podcast, Brian O' Regan speaks to Svend Brown who is Artistic Director of the East Neuk Festival in Fife (Scotland) and has also played key roles with Glasgow UNESCO City of Music, Big Big Sing (Scotland) and the Glasgow Concert Halls.

Arts Leaders Podcast 2: Michelle Castelletti

In the second episode of the Arts Leaders Podcast, Brian speaks to Michelle Castelletti at the closing concert of the Malta International Arts Festival. Michelle is the Artistic Director of the Festival as well as being Artistic Director at the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester. During her time with the Sounds New Contemporary Music Festival in Canterbury, Michelle played an instrumental role in its development and continues to be an active musician and conductor.

Arts Leaders Podcast 3: Robert Palmer

This episode features an interview with Robert Palmer, an independent consultant from the UK. Robert has worked for almost 25 years on a number of different European Capital of Culture projects as well as spending 7 years as the Director of Culture and Culture & National Heritage for the Council of Europe in Strasbourg and working as an advisor to UNESCO and the European Commission. The discussion covers the European Capital of Culture initiative in general as well as Robert's work with the city of Galway, Ireland (Capital of Culture - 2020) and Valletta’s 2018 ECoC designation.

Arts Leaders Podcast 4: Arundhati Ghosh

In the fourth episode, Brian speaks to Arundhati Ghosh who is the Executive Director of the India Foundation for the Arts based in Bangalore.

With a corporate background and qualifications in economics and management Arundhati Ghosh is also an accomplished dancer and poet with a driving passion for the arts and culture. She joined the India Foundation for the Arts in 2000 as its first fundraiser and was appointed Executive Director in 2013. In 2010, she received a Global Fundraiser Award and in the same year, the IFA was awarded the India NGO of the Year award.

Arts Leaders Podcast 5: Arn Chorn-Pond and Phloeun Prim

Episode No 5, features a very special interview with Arn Chorn-Pond and Phloeun Prim of Cambodian Living Arts. The interview was recorded at the World Summit on Arts & Culture in Malta where Arn delivered a powerful speech and told his unique story of suffering and survival during the reign of the Khmer Rouge.

For Arn's full story and to learn more about the fantastic work that Cambodian Living Arts do and to support the organisation, please visit

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