The Asia-Europe Cultural Festival is a public arts festival that celebrates the artistic diversity of Asia and Europe and promotes the dialogue and exchange amongst artists from Asia and Europe.

Presented by ASEF since 2018, the Festival has served as a testament to the rich tapestry of cultural exchanges between the two regions, fostering artistic collaborations and igniting connections between two continents known for their diversity and creativity. 

ASEF Culture department has garnered extensive experience over the last 6 years in implementing an arts festival as a major platform for showcasing and exchange. Through showcasing, the Festival highlights the importance of artistic collaboration and cultural diversity with online and offline events throughout the year. This allows for enhanced opportunities for dialogue and exchange amongst artists from both the regions. The Festival plays an important role in this context by creating a platform for raising awareness about different cultures, enabling international exchange and providing forums for dialogue between the Asian and European communities.  

The Festival aims to increase awareness about richness of Asian and European cultures among the Governments, arts communities and general public of both regions.  

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