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08 May 2015

Yangon Art and Heritage Festival

Established in 2015, The Yangon Art and Heritage Festival focuses on the everyday life of the city and its daily routine. My Yangon My Home – Yangon Art and Heritage Festival aims to help develop a new vision from Yangon’s people about their culture legacy, using community, art together with process, public and street art projects as a way to visualise the possibilities for the city’s future. My Yangon My Home is a curated festival within an urban and community art approaches, it proposed a festival that is engaged, expressed and created within the community, for the community, and for the city.

Artists from Myanmar and International will share their artistic knowledge with Yangon downtown’s community through participatory art workshops such as painting, photography, audio-visual, sound sculpture, graphic design, performance art, theatre, poetry, music and some of these workshops will add new permanent artworks around the city.

The festival based in urban art exhibitions, events and interventions will explore and rediscover Yangon downtown streets and heritage buildings.