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18 Aug 2014

Wasteland Twinning

The Wasteland Twinning Collective was founded in 2010 by the artists Will Foster, Matthias Einhoff and Lars Hayer. The main focus of the collective is an international platform for mutual exchange of research and art practices.

Wasteland Twinning aims at understanding and extending the meaning of wastelands within urban environments and thus create a deeper understanding for the respective structural conditions underlying the land. Wasteland Twinning is interested in creating a non-hierarchical network of artists, researchers and citizens. It aims at triggering artistic discourse and practice based on exchange and mutual respect. Wasteland Twinning is a significant meeting point for the key cultural operators, many years of individual and collaborative projects have focused on the social, environmental and political ecology of urban space.

Wasteland Twinning has an extensive knowledge base in regards to public art, urban ecology, site-specific intervention, environmental activism, performance and sculpture. The collective has curated and taught within the field of research-based art within the context of Skulpturenpark Berlin_Zentrum, University of Art Berlin.