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01 Sep 2024 - 01 Sep 2024

Asia-Europe Cultural Festival: 2024 | BREAKING BOUNDARIES: Rethinking Art, Technology, and Sustainability for the Future

A thought-provoking discussion highlighting the convergence of art, technology and nature and their role in making our actions more sustainable.

1 September 2024, 11:00 AM
MUSE Science Museum, Trento, Italy

Countries: Italy, Philippines, United Kingdom 

How can art, technology, and ecological advocacy contribute to envision a future that prioritises social equity, cultural diversity, and ecological resilience?

In an ever-changing world defined by the pressing global challenge of climate change and environmental sustainability, the intersection of art, technology, and ecological advocacy has become increasingly vital. This roundtable discussion will bring together leading voices in the arts, technology, and science spheres to delve into critical inquiries, hands-on experimentation, and alternative models for a sustainable future, particularly through the lens of Global South perspectives. The event aims to foster a dynamic dialogue that challenges dominant theories and amplifies heritage practices and indigenous knowledge systems. Through this discussion, we hope to inspire collective action towards more inclusive, equitable and sustainable future. 

Some of the themes explored by the panelists include: 

Alternative Models for the Future: Building on their respective practices, the panelists will highlight the importance of hands-on experimentation in generating alternative models for the future. They will share insights from their collaborative projects and institutions, demonstrating how art, technology, and advocacy can intersect to create tangible solutions to environmental challenges. 

Decolonising Knowledge and Practice: Emphasising the need to decolonise knowledge and practice, the panelists will reflect on ways in which colonial legacies continue to shape our understanding of the future. They will highlight the importance of bringing in voices from the Global South, to advance more inclusive approaches. 

Empowering Communities through Collaboration: Drawing on their experiences with community-based projects, the panelists will highlight the transformative power of collaboration in empowering communities to shape their own futures. They will explore how participatory approaches to art and advocacy can build resilience, foster innovation, and catalyse systemic change.

The panel will encourage active participation from the audience, inviting questions, reflections, and shared experiences. Attendees will have the opportunity to engage directly with the panelists and visit the interactive Biomodd installation in MUSE. 


Valentina RICCARDI
Director, Culture Department
Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF)


artist engaged in technology and the environment 

transdisciplinary artist, designer and researcher

(United Kingdom)
bioscientist and artist 

In collaboration with: MUSE Science Museum of Trento  

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The event is part of the Asia-Europe Cultural Festival 2024, organised by ASEF with the financial support of the European Union. For the full programme, CLICK HERE.