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Vietnam Forest Museum, Viet Nam

Vietnam Forest Museum - galleries Vietnam Forest Museum - outside The Vietnam Forest Museum is a unique site offering great potential for  developing and running nature education activities. The property is managed by the Forestry Inventory and Planning Institute (FIPI) and is situated in the Thanh Tri district in Hanoi’s south. The Vietnam Forest Museum’s functions are to research, collect, store and display speciments of forest resources; disseminating and popularizing comprehensively the worth and features of Viet Nam's forest resources as well as carrying out activities of environmental education. The Museum's main task is to collect and manage specimens of forest animals and plants and other data related to the formation and development process of Vietnam’s forestry sector. Other activities include the following:
  • Conducting scientific research, assessment and taxonomy on fauna and flora
  • Organising shows, exhibitions, awareness-raising, education and training on environmental protection
  • Supporting and collaborating with other museums in the National Natural Resources Museum System (NNRMS)
  • Implementing international cooperation on relevant areas
The Vietnam Forest Museum is based in a three-storey building with facilities that provide an excellent foundation for developing an outdoor nature education programme in the forest reserve immediately outside. Permanent collection: at present, the Vietnam Forest Museum stores and displays more than 14,000 plant specimens, 10,000 insect specimens and more than 500 animal specimens. The museum holds rare skeletal specimens of rhinos, elephants, monkeys, etc

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