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12 Feb 2021

Verbier Art Summit

The Verbier Art Summit is an international platform for discourse in a non-transactional context. The Summit connects thought leaders to key figures in the art world to generate innovative ideas and drive social change. 

Over the past century, science, politics and business have shaped our world. In our current global society, it is time for art and culture to play a dominant role. At the start of each year, the non-profit Verbier Art Summit brings together innovative thinkers with influential artists to kick-off debates on important social issues. The international platform’s sole aim is to generate new ideas and drive social change through art.

Through a series of talks and debates with an invited group of leading art world stakeholders, new visions and initiatives are born that will make a positive change and build global solidarity. The talks provide a unique chance to be inspired by international leading art world figures on topical issues. This way, Verbier Art Summit educates, provokes and inspires its Members and the wider community. Key insights of each Summit are shared digitally and documented in an annual publication designed by Irma Boom and published by Koenig Books, London.