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06 Jul 2011

Van Gogh Museum

The Van Gogh Museum (VGM) makes the life and work of Vincent van Gogh and the art of his time accessible to as many people as possible in order to enrich and inspire them.

The VGM carries the name of one of the best-known artists in the world, and celebrated its 40th jubilee in 2013. The museum is one of the world’s strongest cultural brands and in many ways, unique in its field. To start with, the VGM houses the largest collection of Van Gogh works in the world, with 205 paintings including some of his most famous, iconic works, 500 drawings and nearly all of his letters (in excess of 800). The collection also features paintings and drawings from between 1840 and 1920 by Van Gogh’s friends and contemporaries, by artists that had inspired him and by those whom he inspired. In addition, the museum is home to a unique, internationally acclaimed collection of fin de siècle prints, with a specific focus on the Nabis artists. An exceptional element of the print collection is the Japanese woodcuts, ukiyo-e, collected by Vincent and Theo van Gogh. The VGM collection is regularly enriched with new acquisitions and works on loan.