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03 Sep 2010

Union of Bulgarian Artists (UBA)

The Union of Bulgarian Artists - UBA - is a non-profit artistic association. The aim of the organization is to protect the interests of its members and to promote the Bulgarian visual culture nationwide and abroad. Every practicing artist and critic with proven professional contributions may be admitted to membership in UBA. The membership is individual.
The organization has 16 specialized sections - painting, graphic arts and illustration, sculpture, criticism, caricature, artistic spatial design, stage design, restoration, monumental arts, design, ceramics, graphic design, "13" - new forms of expression, wood-carving, artistic processing of metals and leather, textiles. Currently the UBA has 2700 members - artists and critics from all generations

The UBA has the largest exhibition complex in the country, which specialized in the presentation of contemporary and traditional Bulgarian art.

The UBA provides information about major national and international events and forums and assistance in the realization of contacts for its members nationwide and abroad. The information activities include the issuing of a monthly bulletin and reports and critical articles in the press and in the electronic media. Pending is the publishing of a complete catalogue of all members.

The UBA has set up its Creative Fund , which comes up with the necessary resources to support the various activities of the Union. This Fund comprises companies and working-bases from all over the country, as well as the "Bulgarski Hudozhnik" publishing house.

The "Supporting of the Arts in Bulgaria" fund, attached to the UBA, was set up in 1993. Its main goal is to combine charity, contribution, creative and other initiatives of state, public and private organizations, companies and other private persons and corporate bodies, connected with the fine arts or working on behalf of the Bulgarian artists. The various activities of the Fund include the arranging of charity exhibitions and auctions of works of art. The Fund receives and keeps donated works of art and organizes charity sales of such works. The funds thus raised are used for the annual awards of the UBA, for scholarships and competitions, for the financing of artists of different generations. The Fund holds the copyright of the artists Boris Denev and Slavka Deneva. More than 700 paintings and approximately 6000 drawings are kept by the Fund. It also manages all the possessions of the Denev family according to the will of Slavka Deneva.

The Council of Experts , attached to the UBA, includes specialists who can give a competent opinion and evaluation about the authorship, quality, price and other characteristics of works of art of various nature, origin and age, as well as counsels about the organization of competitions of public interest.