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03 Jul 2018

UNESCO report published - Survey on Intercultural Dialogue 2017


UNESCO has published a report presenting the results of its Survey on Intercultural Dialogue 2017 | Analysis of findings

The report sets out the key findings of the first UNESCO survey on intercultural dialogue conducted among its Member States. The survey takes stock of the current understanding and operational mechanisms and strategies of intercultural dialogue at national level. It assesses the main issues and opportunities, current policies and legislation, available data and resources, and main stakeholders in this field.

The resulting information permits an initial inventory of country-specific intercultural dialogue policies that will function as a point of analysis for future monitoring and inform future policy-making.

The questionnaire for the survey was distributed to 199 National Commissions for UNESCO in six official United Nations languages with a submission deadline of Spring 2017. There was a response rate of 21.622%. The respondents represent all geographic regions, including countries with large, middle and small populations, and over half are from developing economies.

While intercultural dialogue is widely recognized for its instrumental role in building the conditions for peace and sustainable development, rigorous data is not readily available. Such a shortfall creates barriers to evidence-informed policy-making and the measurement of progress made, threatening the advancement of the imperatives highlighted in Agenda 2030, and SDG 16 in particular, as well as in the UN Secretary-General’s ‘Sustaining Peace’ agenda.

The report is available for download