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05 Jan 2011

UK artists blog from residencies in China

[caption id="attachment_7576" align="alignright" width="384" caption="Nicola Smith & Philip Davenport, 'Ghosts move about me patched with histories', 10. Photo: Philip Davenport. "][/caption]

Read UK artists blogs about residency experiences in China and elsewhere on the a-n Artists Talking website.

Nicola Smith writes about her experiences in China in 2010:  I was selected to participate in a four-week artist residency at the 501 Artspace in Chongqing, China. I have written this blog as a way of documenting the experience and what happens after the residency when you get back?

William Aitchison writes in 2011:  His blog will follow the performance project The Customer Is Always Wrong, from planning it in the UK, making and showing it in China and then adapting and presenting it in Europe.

Nina Chua and Jessica Longmore were Artists in Residence at the 501 Contemporary Artspace, Chongqing, China during November 2010.  Whilst in Chongqing they worked on individual projects and took part in a series of daily discussions with each other regarding the progression of the work, which was jointly documented on this blog.

These and many more artists projects are documented on the website.  Artists discussing their practice and experiences through personal blogs about the projects they’re working on, as they happen, wherever they happen.