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06 Jul 2011

Triangle Network

Triangle Network is a global network of artists and visual arts organisations that support professional development and cultural exchange amongst artists, curators and other arts professionals throughout the world.

Since 1982, Triangle has provided opportunities for over 4,500 artists to connect with each other, make new work and build their practice through workshops, residencies, events, exhibitions, work placements and studio provision. This has led to the creation, association and partnership of 90 Triangle Network projects and organisations in 41 countries – an extensive, artist-focused and informal infrastructure that continues to evolve and expand.

Each Triangle Network partner is independent and develops activities that respond directly to the local needs and aspirations of artists and their audiences. Rather than being a homogenous structure, Triangle represents an ‘ecosystem’ where partners identify with the Network’s focus on establishing diverse spaces and conditions for emerging artists and other arts professionals to learn from each other through dialogue and process-led activities.

Triangle Network provides its partners, particularly new organisations or artists’ groups, with an established identity and a well-respected international presence. It also encourages and helps fundraising for joint international projects and offers opportunities for support, advice and knowledge-sharing amongst partners from a world-wide pool of like-minded peers.

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