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06 Sep 2010

Tokyo Wonder Site

Tokyo Wonder Site is an art center dedicated to the generation and promotion of new art and culture from the heart of Tokyo.

While TWS Hongo supports and nurtures young talent in all fields in programs related to the government-hosted "Tokyo Wonder Wall" exhibition of works chosen from among entries from the general public, TWS Shibuya is a hub in a global cultural network of affiliated cultural facilities in Japan and abroad, and at once a platform for both new talents and internationally active creators to exchange and showcase their works.

In addition, TWS Aoyama: Creator-in-Residence opened in 2006 as a venue for creative individuals from all genres and nationalities to pursue their respective work in a shared process. Through various joint programs, the three venues will continue their broad array of artistic activities in order to provide creators with a stage for creative work.


  • Support, nurture and promote emerging artists from Tokyo.

  • Establish a platform in Tokyo to function as a hub for art and culture in Asia and the world.

  • Support diverse activities of art and culture in Tokyo as vehicles of the city's vital energy.

  • Function as place for pilot programs, experimental and research projects for new strategic culture policy of Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

  • Foster human resources engaged in cultural practices.