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12 May 2021

Japan | ARCUS Project 2021 Ibaraki Artist-in-Residence Program

Applications for the ARCUS Project artist-in-residence program 2021 are now open! We look forward to receiving applications from artists who hope to realize creative projects at ARCUS Project. ARCUS Project’s artist-in-residence program provides opportunities for emerging artists in the field of contemporary art to cultivate their artistic creativity and vision.

 Please read the Program Outline and Application Guidelines carefully before applying.

From 2021, there is a fee for applications (3000 Yen). The fee helps us continue our work helping different kinds of artists from around the world and providing full and stable support during their residency within the limits of our current manpower and funding. Thank you for your understanding.

Program period: September 2–December 10, 2021 (100 days)

Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the above schedule is subject to change.


The applicant must:
--- be an emerging artist engaged in contemporary visual arts or other related fields.
--- possess a nationality other than Japanese.
--- be resident outside Japan and able to enter Japan legally.
--- not be enrolled at an educational institution during the program period unless it is a PhD program.
--- be in a state of good health and able to carry out daily activities on his/her own.
--- have an English-language ability proficient enough to communicate with other artists and staff.

Program Provisions

Studio, accommodation, round-trip airfare, living and research expenses

Located around an hour from Tokyo, a residency at ARCUS Studio allows participants in the program to come into contact with the contemporary art scene in Japan as well as devote themselves to their creative endeavors in a calm environment while interacting with the local community. Through the support the program offers from its dedicated team of coordinators and regular tutorials with a curator, artists are able to search for and explore approaches in their practices and undertake new challenges in their artistic expression. The program particularly emphasizes research-based practices and presents the initial results of these processes at open studios. It welcomes ideas for artworks and projects that develop out of encounters with people, the land, and culture, and aspire to form critical spaces that are open and international.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: MAY 12, 2021 (23:59:59 UTC+9)